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Model: GNX810137
A covenant with Death is not always a good deal. Four greedy nobles asked her to change the free will of life so that one of them could be the next heir of the crown, but a covenant has two parts" what you get and what you give. She demanded the soul of one of them. She will take her prize by a murd..
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Model: FFG0DU14
Ένα επιτραπέζιο για 2 -5, ηλικίας 13+. Μέση διάρκεια παιχνιδιού 60 λεπτά. Το παιχνίδι είναι στα Αγγλικά.   Scofflaws are brawling in the streets of Deadwood. The railroad is being built, and to you and the other gangs in the badlands of South Dakota, this means one thing: cold, hard cash. As ..
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Istanbul: Mokka Und Bakschisch
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Model: PEG55116G
Selling precious fabrics, the finest of spices, and the freshest of fruits in Istanbul was very good for business. But now the customers at the bazaar have discovered a new delicacy: coffee! As the cunning merchant you are, you sense the fortune you can make by selling the tasty bean.To overcome the..
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Marvel Dice Masters : Age of Ultron Collector’s Box
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Model: WIZ71938
The Marvel Dice Masters: Age of Ultron Collector’s Box is a great space to store your Dice Masters collection! It has a limited edition Full Art promo card and everything one player needs to get started*! Improve and complete your team to crush the competition by c..
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Marvel Dice Masters : Age of Ultron Starter Set
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Model: WIZ71931
The Marvel Dice Masters: Age of Ultron Starter Set is the 3rd starter release for Marvel Dice Masters. It can be played on its own, or with dice from other Marvel Dice Masters products! With game-play that supports two players in epic dice battles, Marvel Dice Masters: Age of Ultron&..
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Model: FFST08
Olympus is a deterministic (i.e., non-random) strategy game, based on worker-placement, resource management and building an efficient engine to score victory points (VPs). It also features a few more aggressive options than the average game based on the same premises (but the savvy player knows how ..
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Pandemic Legacy S2(Black)
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Model: ZMG71172
Embark on an epic adventure to bring humanity back from the brink of extinction in this standalone follow-up to the acclaimed Pandemic Legacy: Season 1. Black and Yellow Editions have variant covers; game contents are the same.A New MissionThe world almost ended seventy-one years ago. A virulent pla..
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Pocket Invaders
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Model: GNX181511
Since eons ago, two ancient civilizations are fighting a never-ending battle. Both worlds use all their fleets and intelligence in a dispute that will define the future of their planets.Pocket Invaders recreates a retro atmosphere in a strategic game, with a universe in which the maneuverabilit..
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Ravnica Inquisition
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Model: WIZ73139
Join the Gatewatch or pledge your loyalty to Nicol Bolas in Ravnica: Inquisition, a social-deduction game set on the Magic: The Gathering plane of Ravnica. Each player takes on the role of a representative of a Ravnican guild that is either loyal to the Gatewatch or an Agent of Bolas.The Gatewatch l..
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Model: ZMG007
You are a spymaster. Your mission: Dominate the world of undercover intelligence by deploying agents to complete vital missions. To complete your mission, you must first build an underground network of highly trained agents from different branches of espionage.In the card game SpyNet, two to fo..
12.00€ 22.00€
Star Wars : X-Wing Miniatures Game - Dice Pack
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Model: FFSWX10
This pack includes 6 custom dice to enhance your X-Wing game. Contents: 3 Red Attack Dice 3 Green Defense Dice This is not a stand-alone game. This is an accessory for Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game...
4.00€ 8.00€
You Gotta Be Kitten Me!
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Model: REM10062
You Gotta Be Kitten Me! is a Liar's Dice-style bluffing game in which players each hold cards that feature animals with some kind of accessory, such as hats, glasses and bow ties. Each turn, you try to guess — or at least claim — how many cards are in play with a certain color or accessory, either b..
6.00€ 9.98€
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