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Magic The Gathering

Magic The Gathering
 Starter Kit 2022
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Brand: Wizards of the Coast Model: WOCD05660001
Κάθε Starter Kit 2022 περιέχει:2 - 60 Card Decks (including 2 outward facing foils).2 Reference cards.1 Arena variable code card. 1 Arena insert.1 Rules & World of Magic booklet.2 Tuck boxes for decks.1 Foil Set Up box...
Model: WOCC59190000
The product contains eight cards, plus one bonus foil, all featuring the powerful planeswalker Gideon Jura!With first-time foils, amazing new art, and alternate frames, it’s a collector’s dream!Each set contains 9 total cards, with the 9th being a random bonus version in premium foil!!..
UnSanctioned Box
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Model: WOCC62880000
Κάθε Unsactioned Box περιέχει: 5 - 30 Card Decks10 - Tokens2 ασημένια 6-sided Dice10 Full Art Lands (5 premium, 5 κανονικές)1 Set Up Box και Storage Tray..
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