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Space Marines

Space Marines
Combat Patrol: Space Marines
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Brand: Games Workshop Model: GW99120101280
This set includes the following units: - 1x Primaris Lieutenant in Phobos Armour - 10x Primaris Infiltrators - 3x Suppressors - 3x Eliminators - 1x Primaris Impulsor..
Brand: Games Workshop Model: GW99120101359
The highest-ranking members of the1st Company’s Inner Circle are sometimes accompanied by a Command Squad from the 1st Company. Such a hand-picked formation of the most veteran Deathwing Terminators makes a formidable unit, ideal for a bodyguard or to be assigned special duties.The Command Squad sta..
Grey Knights Strike Squad
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Brand: Games Workshop Model: GW99120107018
Strike Squads often form the vanguard of a Grey Knights strike force. Equipped with lighter armour than the main Terminator Squads, these veterans strike swiftly and surely, and are able to slip through gaps in the enemy line. At the onset of battle, a Grey Knights commander will invariably task one..
Brand: Games Workshop Model: GW99120107019
Equipped with a wide variety of close combat and ranged weapons, Grey Knight Paladins are the boldest, most noble warriors in the Grey Knights Chapter.These Grey Knights Paladin models feature an array of staggering detail, from the rich iconography of the Grey Knights, books and skulls through to e..
Ironclad Dreadnought
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Brand: Games Workshop Model: GW99120101298
A Dreadnought is a truly massive fighting machine, weighing several tons and standing two or three times the height of a man. As the Dreadnought strides into battle, incoming fire spatters like rain off his towering adamantium and ceramite hull. Fiery death roars from his weapons and his great metal..
Brand: Games Workshop Model: GW99120101361
Bike-mounted Command Squads consist of experienced Ravenwing Black Knights who form a swift bodyguard around a mounted officer, or execute other specialised missions. This kit can be used to make either a Ravenwing Command Squad or Ravenwing Black Knights. These Command Squad are rich in the iconog..
Brand: Games Workshop Model: GW99120101314
Falling from the sky with lightning speed and stunning aggression, the ferocity of the Space Marine Assault Squad is rarely matched in battle. Countless shells of bolt pistol fire slam into the enemy as the squad charges forward with no hesitation whatsoever, hacking and rending at any survivors wit..
Brand: Games Workshop Model: GW99120101317
Support troops who truly live up to their name, the Space Marine Devastators deliver the Emperor’s judgment via stunning displays of brutal firepower. Missiles slam into ranks of enemies, blasts of scorching plasma melt craters into the very earth, lascannons punch through the hardest defences and t..
Space Marine Land Raider Redeemer
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Brand: Games Workshop Model: GW99120101229
As the Crusader was a modification of the original Land Raider, so is the Redeemer an evolution of the Crusader design. Like all mighty Space Marine tanks, the Land Raider Redeemer features incredibly solid armouring on all sides, and comes with metal panels, hatches, rivets and searchlight, all o ..
Brand: Games Workshop Model: GW99070101052
Librarians are some of the greatest warrior-mystics in the galaxy. On the battlefield they combine the martial prowess of a Space Marine with their own powerful psychic abilities. They are capable of using their minds to throw powerful energy bolts, project force-shields, or even redirect bullets.Th..
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