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Xenos Armies

Xenos Armies
Beast Snagga Orks Army Set
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Brand: Games Workshop Model: GW60010103001
Ετοιμάσου να εξαμολύσεις την πράσινη λαίλαπα στο γαλαξία με το Beast Snagga Orks Army set, διαθέσιμο άμεσα για αγορά. Έρχεται με νέα θηρία, καινούρια ορκς, το καλύτερο κούρεμα που έχεις δει ποτέ σε ορκ και την special edition του Ork Codex!Το νέο σετ είναι γεμάτο με οτιδήποτε χρειάζεται ένας υποψήφι..
Cadre Fireblade
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Brand: Games Workshop Model: GW99070113004
Fireblades are the most grizzled and seasoned Fire Warriors of their cadre, whose skill at the Fire Warrior’s art leads them to eschew battlesuit technology. They are excellent field leaders and their long experience has taught them exactly where to place shots to maximise damage. The Cadre Firebla..
Brand: Games Workshop Model: GW60030112008
The Drukhari are a decadent race of alien tormentors and raiders. Once part of a galaxy-spanning empire, the Drukhari now indulge in every macabre passion their supreme intelligence can conceive. They consider themselves superior to the galaxy’s other races, and suffer a gnawing sickness of the soul..
Codex: T'au Empire (English)
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Brand: Games Workshop Model: GW60030113012
The T’au are a young and dynamic race of technologically advanced aliens whose empire is spreading like wildfire across the stars. Ruled and guided by the enigmatic Ethereals, the T’au seek to unite every sentient being under the light of the T’au’va, or Greater Good. They prefer that others join th..
Brand: Games Workshop Model: GW99120113068
The T'au Empire are a fledgling race in the grand scheme of things, thrusting out into the stars to spread their philosophy of the Greater Good to all they can reach. For many races, this comes in the form of pleasant democracy, which pleases the T'au. For those that resist, the T'au are forced to b..
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