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X-Wing Miniatures Game

Star Wars : X-Wing Miniatures Game - Dice Pack
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Model: FFSWX10
This pack includes 6 custom dice to enhance your X-Wing game. Contents: 3 Red Attack Dice 3 Green Defense Dice This is not a stand-alone game. This is an accessory for Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game...
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Model: FFSWX03
he TIE fighter is a ubiquitous symbol of the Empire. These fighters are generally employed in massive numbers, overwhelming even the best Rebel pilots. TIE fighters rely on speed and strength in numbers to overcome their enemies, and while this fighter only features a pair of laser cannons and lacks..
Star Wars Lcg:Edge Of Darkness Εxp
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Model: FFSWC08
"You can either profit by this...or be destroyed!"–Luke Skywalker, Star Wars: Return of the JediEdge of Darkness is the first deluxe expansion for Star Wars: The Card Game. Its twenty-two new objective sets add 132 total cards that allow players to battle for the fate of the galaxy as eith..
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Model: FFSWZ09
Customize and enhance your maneuver dials as you declare your allegiance to the Rebel Alliance with the Rebel Maneuver Dial Upgrade Kit for X-Wing™! This pack includes three detailed plastic protectors for your ships’ maneuver dials. In addition, you’ll find dial ID tokens to easily identify which d..
Star Wars X-Wing (Second Edition): Fang Fighter
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Model: FFSWZ17
Mandalorians are known throughout the galaxy as ferocious warriors, and the sight of their iconic armor enough to strike fear in even the most hardened Imperial or Rebel. When it comes to space combat, the pilots of Mandalore prefer one starfighter above all others: the Fang Fighter.The Fang Fi..
Star Wars X-Wing (Second Edition): Galactic Empire Conversion
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Model: FFSWZ07
At the height of its power, the Imperial Navy deployed a wide range of ships and exceptional pilots in its effort to bring order to the galaxy and crush the Rebellion. From the legendary Soontir Fel in his TIE interceptor to the feared TIE defender pilots of Onyx Squadron, each pilot and ship had un..
Model: FFSWZ10
Commanding a fighter squadron is an honor only bestowed on the best Imperial commanders and a distinction that shouldn’t go unnoticed. With the Galactic Empire Maneuver Dial Upgrade Kit, you can display your Imperial pride and further customize your squadron.These upgraded plastic maneuver dials pro..
Model: FFSWZ08
Driven by their desire for profit, bounty hunters will relentlessly pursue their quarry to the farthest reaches of the galaxy. Far from the uniform ranks of the Rebellion or the Empire, these mercenaries often inject their own style and flair into their work. With the Scum and Villainy Conversion Ki..
Model: FFSWZ11
During a game of X-Wing Second Edition, you’ll secretly select your ships’ movements using cardboard maneuver dials included in each ship expansion and the Scum and Villainy Conversion Kit. Now, you can further customize the aesthetics of your squadron by situating each ship’s maneuver dial within a..
Star Wars X-Wing (Second Edition): Slave I
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Model: FFSWZ16
While the pilots of the Empire and Rebellion fly in the name of their beliefs, Scum pilots have little concern for political conflicts. Rather than declare allegiance to one side or another, they are only concerned with one thing: profit, no matter how it’s obtained. And no one in the galaxy is bett..
Model: FFSWZ14
Few sounds can strike fear into the heart of a starfighter pilot like the howl of an incoming group of Imperial TIE/ln fighters. The iconic fighter of the Galactic Empire, the TIE's namesake twin ion engines deliver impressive speed and pinpoint maneuverability. Although its lightweight frame lacks ..
Model: FFSWX45
Customize your X-Wing™ squadron with colored X-Wing Bases and Pegs. This accessory package comes with four small bases, ten small pegs, one large base, and three large pegs. All of them are made to the same specifications as standard X-Wing bases and pegs, and all of them are tournament-legal. Use t..
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