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16-Rkt 41X63Mm 11-Hole Pages (100)

16-Rkt 41X63Mm 11-Hole Pages (100)
16-Rkt 41X63Mm 11-Hole Pages (100)
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  • Model: REM84781

16-pocket page with configuration of four rows of four pockets per row. Archival quality pages are ideal for cards in Mini American Board Games Sleeves. Pages are clear on both sides and fit in our standard-size 3-ring albums.

• Hologram quality seal

• Acid-Free and No PVC

• UV protection

• High clarity material on outer layer

• Lays flat

• Toploading

• Made in U.S.A.

• High strength seal

• Pre-punched 11-hole spine

• 100 pages per display

(Cards & sleeves not included)

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